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Kris Kuchenbecker, PhD

Kris Kuchenbecker is the leader of Silver Creek’s science team, and the creator of our lead molecule, scp776
He grew up in Los Angeles, but has lived in the Bay Area since 1999. At UC Berkeley, Kris played on the men's volleyball team and studied biochemistry / molecular biology with an emphasis in physical chemistry. After his undergraduate studies, he worked in David Jablons' lab at the UCSF Cancer Center. Kris enrolled in the Biophysics PhD program at UCSF in 2005, joining Robert Fletterick's lab in the Macromolecular Structure Group.
In graduate school, Kris focused on the molecular recognition properties of transcriptional regulators. Emphasizing structural biology, computational modeling, and quantitative measurement of these interactions, his thesis, titled "Allosteric Regulation of Promiscuous Surfaces", has been downloaded twice, once by his mother and once by his wife.
Kris has been with Silver Creek since June of 2014. In his time with the company, he developed a computational model of damage-specific pro-survival signaling and designed the lead molecule. Kris has overseen the scale-up of the production process, led the manufacturing efforts, pays close attention to our IP, and has the regulatory and operational aspects of our ongoing clinical efforts.